Parasitic Ecology and Population Genetics

Parasites can function as both in the form of predators and prey. Parasites which feed on hosts nutrition in a special type of predation for the survival. Parasitism and parasite evolution was a major aspect of evolutionary environmental science. Even though parasite-host interactions were plainly ecological and important in evolution, Parasite-host interaction is necessarily co-distributed species with the distribution of parasites overlapping that of their specific habitat (the hosts). This is even more constrained if the set of host species is limited for a given parasite species and the host-parasite population genetics and evolution are known as coevolution. host-parasite studies may help predict the potential for local adaptation by determining the relative dispersal rate between a host and its parasite. Based on the comparison of the phylogeographical histories, population genetics, population structures and population divergence times of three co-distributed and phylogenetically independent ectoparasitic and endoparasites organism insect species.

  • Host-parasite coevolution
  • Behavior-altering parasites
  • Conservation biology of parasites
  • Co-evolution of microbiota
  • Mutation

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